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Halibut Fillet

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Halibut Fillet
Halibut Fillet

(Frozen, Sold Per Pound)


1 lb




  • Pure, locally harvested, fresh frozen in Vacuum sealed bags. 
  • 100 percent natural, wild-caught guaranteed Bay of Fundy
  • No added chemicals or water
  • Quality Assurance
  • Nutritious and delicious
  • Health-conscious choice packed full of flavor
  • Perfect for a weekday dinner

Harvesting and Processing

All our products are caught in the Bay of Fundy and processed in Alma, NB, with the exception of our shrimp, which is caught locally and cooked in our Bay of Fundy lobster brine.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Highly nutritious lean protein source that is also rich in minerals.

Per 100g:

Calories:             110

Fat Calories:      20.7

Total Fat:            2.3

Saturated Fat:   .3

Cholesterol:       32

Sodium:              54 mg

Protein:              20.8 g

Omega 3:           0.5 g


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